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Pratha P. Sinha

Fayth Clinic Corporate Testimonial

Date : 14/05/2015

Mrs Jyoti Bhosale

am very happy with the campaign conducted for the teenagers in the age group of 10-18 years regarding their health and guidance regarding the teenage problems . Such campaigns and workshops are very important for the teenagers as it shows them the right path . We would be very much interested to be part of such campaigns again .
Best wishes

Corporator (187)

24 Oct 2008



Date : 10/03/2012

Boman Irani

Boman irani

G.L Mishra

Dr GL Mishra

Date : 15/05/2013



Date : 21/02/2013



Date : 10/03/2012

Imran mirza

fayth clinic testimonial 1

Date : 10/02/2015

Sanjay Ghanghaw

We are very happy with your services. All our pre employment medical check up are done very smoothly and we get good feedback from our incumbents.

Keep up the good work.

Sanjay Ghanghaw

(11 Mar  2015 )India

S. Sankar

Efficent & friendly staff.---

s. sankar
(20 sep 2014) India

Bhavani mahesh

I was guided to come here by creator. i feel as if i met god itself & i’m born new. thank you dr. for you kind & pleasing consultation

(28 sep 2014) India

Mr. Vinayak Thakur

Wonderful experience, Staff is very cooperative and caring  No time wasted . It was a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Mr. Vinayak Thakur (Reliance industries LTD)
(8-Nov-201) Mumbai , India

Sudhir Dhar

It was a nice experience to be at Fayth Clinic, delighted !

Sudhir Dhar ((V P Motilal OSwalSecurities Pvt Ltd))
(15-Sept-2012) Mumbai , India

Ramnik Chhabria

Very efficient and professional process.

Ramnik Chhabria (Motilal Oswal)
(15-Sept-2012) Mumbai , India

CEO Asiatech

Nice service and care.

CEO Asiatech
(15-Jan-2013) Mumbai, India

Sanjay Dam

Very organized with a personal touch.

Sanjay Dam (Motilal Oswal)
(23-Feb-2013) Mumbai, India