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Family Health Checkup

Affordable Family Health Checkup in Mumbai

Maintaining good health is a continuous process that demands individual effort and healthy habits. Preventative health care is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for individuals as well as families. That’s why we offer an annual family health check-up to ensure that all members of your family are healthy, happy and thriving. During our annual family health check-up, you’ll be handled by some of the best doctors from the industry who will perform a thorough examination of your family’s health status which includes medical history, current health status, and providing recommendations to maintain optimal health.
Our health check-up includes a comprehensive physical examination that checks vital signs, conducts blood tests, evaluates lung function, and screens for common health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels. We also conduct age-appropriate screening tests such as mammograms, pap smears, and prostate exams. We will provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for maintaining good health. This report will include guidance on healthy eating habits, exercise, and lifestyle modifications if needed.
Directions to avail the annual family health check-up:
  • Confirmation of appointment at Fayth Clinic’s reception
  • Fasting for 12 hours prior to visiting.
  • Carrying all medical documents and medicines if under any medical treatment. 
Health Checkup Packages in Mumbai
  • Pre Employment
  • Lifestyle Health
  • Basic Health
  • Executive Health
  • Cardiac Health
  • Diabetic Health
  • Senior Health
  • Women health
  • Teens Health
  • Pediatric Health

Health Check up Package

Pre Employment Lifestyle Basic Executive Cardiac Diabetic
MRP: Rs.1500 MRP:Rs.9300 MRP:Rs.3100 MRP:Rs.6500 MRP:Rs.8000 MRP:Rs.9400
Discount:29% Discount:23% Discount:23% Discount:23% Discount:23% Discount:29%
Pay: Rs.1050 Pay: Rs.7150 Pay: Rs.2340 Pay: Rs.4940 Pay: Rs.6110 Pay: Rs.6610
Package Package Package Package Package Package
Details Details Details Details Details Details
Senior Women Pre Operative Teens Pediatric
MRP: Rs.8500 MRP: Rs.7430 MRP: Rs.5450 MRP: Rs.4600 MRP: Rs.3300
Discount:23% Discount:30% Discount:23% Discount:23% Discount:23%
Pay: Rs.6500 Pay: Rs.5200 Pay: Rs.4160 Pay: Rs.3150 Pay: Rs.2535
Package Details Package Details Package Details Package Details Package Details

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