Parental Questionnaire

Parental Questionnaire

Does your adolescent struggle with basic family rules and expectations ?

Has your adolescent ever been suspended , expelled,truant,or had drop in school grades

Is your adolescent verbally abusive ?

In your opinion , does your adolescent associate with bad or different peer group ?

Has your adolescent lost interest in former productive activities, hobbies or sports ?

Do you have difficulty getting your adolescent to do simple chores or homework ?

Has your adolescent had problems with law ?

Do you find yourself picking your words carefully when speaking to your adolescent , so as not to elicit a verbal attack or rage from them ?

Are you worried that your adolescent may not finish high school?

Does your adolescent appear depressed/ withdrawn ?

Has your adolescent’s appearance and / or personal hygiene changed?

Has your adolescent ever displayed violent behavior ?

Is your adolescent appear manipulative / deceitful ?

Do you suspect that your adolescent sometimes lies or is dishonest with you ?

Are you concerned that your adolescent ay be sexually promiscuous ?

Has your adolescent ever displayed any evidence of suicide ideation ?

Do you suspect at times that you have had lost money or other valuables from your home ?

Does your adolescent’s behavior concern you for their safety ?

Does your adolescent become angry suddenly or display temper outbursts ?

Does your adolescent seem to lack self esteem and self worth ?

Do you lack trust on your adolescent ?

Does your adolescent have problems with authority ?

Does your adolescent engage in activities you don’t approve of ?

Do you think that your adolescent is possibly using or experimenting with drugs/ alcohol ( or going out with teens who use drugs ) ?

Are you concerned about your adolescent’ swell being and their future ?

Does your adolescent seem to be constantly be in opposition to your family values ?

No matter what rules and consequences are established , do you feel that your adolescent will defy them ?

Are you exhausted and worn out from your adolescent’s defiant and / or destructive behavior and choices ?

When dealing with your adolescent , do you often feel that you are powerless ?

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