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Prasad Poojary , Fayth Clinic ,

Many of us look forward to winter especially the people staying in warm & humid climate . However , winter can be harsh and can dehydrate and dry your skin . This is very important , especially if you are from warm & humid areas where you are not used to taking care of skin in winter .We know it can be a challenge, so we’ve put together this winter routine just for you. Of course, each skin type needs different tweaks, but these guidelines can be applied to all skin types.

  1. Super gentle cleansing.


Winter tends to weaken skin, so cleansing has to be super gentle. We recommend a gentle micellar water or cleansing oil to remove makeup and grime gently, then following that with a hydrating cleanser with a low pH level. Recommended to double cleanse (using an oil-based cleanser first, then following that with a water-balanced cleanser) no matter the season, but we stress it particularly for these dry winter months.

  1. Hydration


Winter tends to dehydrate and dry the skin , hence you need to pack your skin with hydration and get that hydration deep in all your layers of skin. You could use ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or aloe vera. It is necessary to follow the skincare regime ,your toner helps balance the pH level in your skin and introduces that first layer of hydration, then your essence floods your skin with hydration and makes it like a sponge, ready to soak up everything in your ampoules, serums, and moisturizers.

  1. Supplement with oils and serums.


Sensitized skin in winter can easily become irritated skin, & can increase things like acne and/or hyperpigmentation. Use serums that focus on calming and soothing skin. We also recommend that you add a facial oil to your winter skin routine. Oils not only hydrate skin, but they also help lock that hydration in, so your skin isn’t evaporating all its vital moisture into the air. Facial oils are good for all skin types, even oily types! The thing is that even oily skin can get dehydrated, and, when skin gets dehydrated, it increases sebum (oil) production, which leads to more oily skin and to more breakouts. That’s why, if you have an oily skin type, your skin might actually feel even more oily during the dry winter months, because it’s compensating for how dehydrated it really is. Using a facial oil actually helps regulate sebum production, so your skin can lock in hydration.

  1. Switch to a moisturizer that’s intense and hydratingSmiling african girl with curly hair applying facial moisturizer while holding jar and looking at camera. Portrait of young black woman applying cream on her face isolated on beige background. Close up of happy attractive beauty woman caring of her skin standing on light brown wall with copy space.

A moisturizer moisturize skin and seals in, all the hydration you’ve layered on with your toner, essence, serums, oils. Moisturizers include occlusives that create a barrier on top your skin, so all the goodness you’ve applied will actually stay in your skin instead of seeping out. It’s important to remember that your moisturizer should be another layer in your skincare routine, not the only or principle source of moisture — a moisturizer will hydrate, yes, but it is most effective when it’s layered on top a hydrating toner, essence, serum, and/or oil, especially in these dry, winter months.

  1. Take advantage of the regenerative power of sleep.


Sleep helps to repair any damage sustained during the day and heal and restore. Use a sleeping pack, which is often a thicker cream you apply to your face as the last step in your skincare routine instead of a moisturizer and wash off in the morning. While you sleep, the hydrating, rich ingredients in these sleeping packs will seep into your skin, giving your body’s automatic regenerative power a boost.

6.And don’t forget about those lips! We recommend exfoliating lips with a sugar scrub 2 or 3 times a week and using a lip mask overnight!

7.Never ever forget your sunscreen! Even though the sun might not be as bright or strong as it is in the summer, the sun is still there, emitting UV rays that can harm your skin, so make sure you’re applying your sunscreen every morning and reapplying throughout the day.

We hope you found these pointers useful to take care of your skin in winter .

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