Acne Treatment in Mumbai

Do you think you are pimple free ? If no then, please refer this small article for more. Teens are more prone to acne and skin pigmentation. This mainly happens due to emegence of oily substances on face and body. So how does an ance look like ?Acnes can appear as whiteheads, Blackheads, papules or nodules.

Why do I have to get ACNE ?

The exact cause for the growth of acne is yet to be known. However, hormones do play a role. Androgens a hormone makes the skins oil glands making it larger and more with sebum. Androgens are also affected by medications, genetics, cosmetics and frictions.

How is ACNE treated ?

Skin specialists or dermatologists are the pivot of skin treatment. Family history also affects the acne. Some of the visible symptoms of ACNE are:

  • Friction while rubbing the skin.

  • Picking or blemishingof skin pores

  • Pressure from bike, helmets, collars,etc.

  • Stress.

Preventional method for ACNE :

  • Over washing or harsh,rough scrubbing is not recommended.

  • Use of Oil free products and drugs.

  • Never squeeze or pick blemishes for they spread the acne.

Remedies for ACNE at Fayth Clinic:

Often acne are a symptom of work related issues. Arising long hours of jobs happen to cause acne formation in the body. Acnes are treated by dermatologists at our clinic. The treatments included for acne are :

  • Non prescription: Products placed under the skin. These are not PILLS or Tablets.

  • Oral Drugs : medications that create or promote in ACNE OR fast deposits are to be avoided.

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