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Cardiac Rehab (Post- Angioplasty and CABG patients)

Coronary angioplasty and CABG are surgeries to treat heart conditions. It is a program designed to provide help and support to people for a healthy heart and healthy living. It helps an individual in:

  • Understanding the condition
  • Recovering from the procedure
  • Improving the heart health
  • Reducing the risk of heart conditions

Any individual who has had a heart condition can undergo for a cardiac rehab program. One can start cardiac rehabilitation immediately when she/he leaves the hospital after the treatment. There are number clinics offering cardiac rehab programs in the country. Fayth clinic is one of the best among the clinics that provide the finest service. We have experienced professionals to help the people in recovering from heart diseases and surgeries.

The cardiac rehab program includes medical evaluation, physical exercises, therapies, counselling, etc. for the patients. It enhances the physical fitness of the individuals and whereby decreases the chance for heart health issues in the future. The program and duration may vary according the needs of each patient. Some may need to practice for six weeks, whereas some may need a longer period practice. Cardiac rehab has various benefits. The regular physical activity helps the patient to stay strong. It helps in improving the energy level. As a result, the risks of future heart problems will decrease. Counselling and education during the program helps in following a healthy lifestyle and diet. This will help in managing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Counselling may also help to manage the stress and stabilizes the mental health of the patient.