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About Fayth Clinic

Fayth Clinic came into existence in 2008 and has 3 centres in Mumbai at Prabhadevi, Mira Road and Kurla. Since its inception (with treating more than 1 lakh patients across Mumbai), it has been offering a wide range of medical facilities across different industries and companies of all sizes.

Our aim is to provide efficient quality based health care services in a clean & hygienic environment in a time bound manner.

Fayth Clinic ( NABH accredited & ISO 9001:2015 certified ) Lifestyle Medicine Clinic & Diagnostic Centre specializes in diseases brought on by unhealthy or faulty lifestyle like diabetes , Heart diseases , early onset high blood pressure , abnormal lipids , obesity , respiratory problems , PCOS etc . Our integrated diagnostic and medical services with experience of senior medical consultants provide patient friendly healthcare services . We provide vaccination services to all age group from newborns, children, teenagers , youth , adults , senior citizens to improve their immunity and health. We provide 3 years digitalized medical reports which is accessible worldwide .

Our doctors and paramedical staff are easily accessible and empathetic to the patients needs. The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who are busy to look after their healthcare needs, & who require reminders , rapid service and effective response from us.

We have several programs for corporate clients and one of the most in demand program is PREVENTIVE LIFESTYLE DISEASE PROGRAM . This program has shown to decrease stress and improve employee health , efficiency and productivity at work and decrease the burden of the disease. We have been conducting programs in the corporate sector since the last 12 years

Our medical out patientconsultations include General Medicine , Cardiology, Pediatrics, Adolescent medicine, vaccinations, diabetology , orthopedic, physiotherapy, nutritionist , skin & hair treatments
Our Diagnostic services include Pathology , Digital Xray , mamosonography , sonography, 2 D Echo , Stress test, ECG, Audiometry , ABP , holter test

Our other services include
• Corporate annual health checkups
• Pre employment checkups
• Corporate talks and seminars
• Onsite medical camps
• Food handler medicals & certifications
• Seafarer medical and certification under DG Shipping
• Vaccination drives
• CSR activities


THE FIGURE HOLDING THE THREE PETALS DENOTES AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS HEALTHY IN MIND AND BODY. The orange petal denotes life, green denotes growth and magenta denotes spirituality, which combine together to make a complete individual.

WHY…. GET BACK TO LIFE ? In a metro like Mumbai where pace of life is very hectic with high stress-or levels , where  day begins before the night ends, to keep pace with the world one runs………runs to win the race of life. Modernity has changed the way we live in  today resulting in a loss of the quality of life. It is therefore necessary to improve and change our lifestyle to prevent many diseases which take its origin from this hectic lifestyle . We at Fayth Clinic help you to treat lifestyle diseases and  modify your lifestyle suggesting a holistic approach to. Get back to life ….Your life matters !

Faith in Fayth Clinic ….building healthier communities .