Teenage is one of the most active and enthusiastic stages of one’s life and it is also too obvious to develop many changes in their body. It is also common to face many health issues of which skin problems are very common and important.

skin problems in teenagers

The most prominent skin problem faced by the teenagers is acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, etc, are mainly caused when the skin pores are plugged into the dead skin cells, oil, and sebum, characteristic to the teenager. Excess oil and sebum production is another important skin issue faced by the teenagers.

Fungal infection is one important point at issue. Tinea pedis, (Athlete’s foot), the fungal infection common among teenagers cause burning and itching scaly rashes in the toes. Dandruff is a nightmare to the teenagers being vulnerable to harsh side effects of the same. Moles, warts, and skin tags are the next most irritating and unpleasing part of the skin problems faced by the teenagers. Moles, being dangerous at all can even end up causing skin cancer. Teenagers, being more exposed to the environment can develop many health issues like eczema (Atopic dermatitis) due to irritants, allergens, and microbes. The other common skin diseases are herpes simplex, herpes labialis, ringworm infection etc.

skin problems in teenagers

Teenagers start having excess hair growth at this stage due to the hormone surge in them. Boys start shaving and girls start waxing. These may cause skin rashes, skin pigmentation in underarms, neck etc in boys and girls. The constant use of makeup and perfumes, deodorants can also affect the skin dangerously. Being more enthusiastic and energetic, the sweat glands become more active, causing excess sweat production and foul odor. This can seriously affect the psychological level and thus the self-esteem and confidence of the teenagers. Cold climate demands skin to be more moisturized. The modern hair treatments like straightening, smoothing can harm the scalp, resulting in excess hair loss and scaly patches on the skull. When enough sun-blocks are not used, it can cause sunburns.

Many skin issues pertain to the teenage and they can be treated if enough hygiene and care is maintained in personal and social life.

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