Dr. Saurab  Goel , Interventional Cardiologist ( Wockhardt Hospital , Global hospital, Breach Candy hospital )


One of the greatest fears of many individuals is “Am I going to get a Heart attack“

These Individuals  could be those who have  already suffered a heart ailment and are afraid of getting it again or normal individuals who are afraid of getting a heart attack.

So what are the warning symptoms , which should alert a person to get medical attention.

Commonly  heart patients get a feeling of chest pain or discomfort on the left side of the chest like a heavy  weight on the chest . This could be accompanied by sweating, breathlessness,  palpitations and feeling of light headedness. The heart symptoms are often  brought on after exertion and relieved after resting. Sometimes conditions like gas, acidity and muscle spasms in the chest can mimic the symptoms of heart attack and hence a prompt medical evaluation and testing is  essential

How does one check the  condition of heart and prevent heart attack.


A thorough medical examination by a medical expert and a few simple screening tests are all that are required to evaluate the heart condition

Examination of blood for high cholesterol and diabetes, etc. is commonly done to check for underlying  risk factors


A  resting ECG  provides some basic information about the heart , especially if there is ongoing chest pain, but further advanced tests are often necessary.


2 D echo test is a simple , yet detailed evaluation of the heart using Ultrasound technology, which allows assessment of the structure and function of the heart and can identify  abnormalities which can lead to heart attack

Another useful screening test is computerized treadmill stress test , where and individual is made to exercise with continuous ECG monitoring on computer and this can indicate abnormalities of blood supply to heart

A heart attack is caused by sudden clot completely blocking a partially blocked heart artery. So if the tests  like ECG, Echo or stress test suggest possibility of blockage in any artery , it has to be confirmed by an advanced test called Coronary Angiography.

These evaluations both in existing heart patients and normal individuals should be done periodically , so that the doctor can suggest effective treatment to prevent a heart attack and improve the health and confidence of the individual.

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