5 reasons why you avoid  health checkup

Dr Paula Goel , Fayth Clinic 5

Over 1/3 of patients avoid health screenings or even avoid going to medical checkup due to belief systems related to health care . These belief systems could be related to previous unfavourable situations or evaluations perceived by them , their friends or relatives . This could be related to factors related to doctors , healthcare organizations and affective concerns.


Here are 5 reasons why people avoid medical checkups :

1.There may be a low perceived need to seek medical care as individual feels that their illness or symptom may improve with time or improve on their own  . Hence , they are willing to wait and endure the illness. Many time , such patient seek healthcare services at the time when its too late . Many do not believe in going to the doctor because they did not have any health problems

2. Many people feel it is a waste of money to get their medical examinations and tests done and when they do reach the healthcare sector , they may find the cost high as they have ignored their health problems earlier. This reinforces their belief system that healthcare is expensive . And this is very true especially if there is no health insurance to cover the medical  admission costs .

3. Time constraints play an important role especially if they have to take the day off and undergo medical tests . Many are very busy to seek medical care for their own health because clinic hours are inconvenient .


4. People may avoid going to the doctor if they feel that doctor is too far or transportation is difficult or they were too sick to travel

5.  Concerns about quality of medical care and interpersonal concerns of the doctor also plays an important role. Communication with doctors may pose a problem to the patient , especially if the doctor has a heavy OPD and patient perceives that doctor has devoted less time . Many times patients feel that doctors do not take patient concerns seriously or they have general mistrust  & lack of confidence in healthcare providers . Many patients have fear of needles , which makes it difficult for them to undergo blood tests , vaccinations or surgeries .Many patients are not comfortable disclosing their health concerns and habits  ( smoking , alcohol intake etc ) to the doctors . Some even have dislike for medical recommendations ( especially on weight loss , alcohol consumption , smoking and medications for high blood pressure ) and perception that recommendations would not be useful .


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