Health Services Offered By Fayth Clinic


Fayth Clinic is one of the famous Pediatric Clinic in Mumbai providing best Pediatric Check Up India.It  is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization. Fayth Clinic offers various health services which includes the following :

  • Diagnostic services
  • Adult health services
  • Pediatric and adolescent health services
  • Vaccination: Vaccination from (0-6 yrs) and (7-18 yrs), adult vaccination
  • Health checkup services
  • Medispa

Fayth Clinic provides weight loss programs called Medigym.

It helps the people to recover from various diseases. It also helps to enhance physical and mental condition of a person.

Health checkup services  

A routine health checkup is relevant in everyone’s life. It helps to diagnose the disease at early stages .

Health checkup services offered by the Fayth Clinic includes the following :

  • Basic health checkup
  • Pre employment packages : Pre employment  health check ups should be done to ensure the health status of the new candidate on work.
  • Executive health checkup
  • Cardiac health checkup : Cardiac diseases are the reason behind 40% of deaths happened  in India. Lifestyle changes are another cause for heart diseases. A  cardiac check up is necessary to find the heart disease in the initial stage.  Cardiac health checkup includes various tests:   

                   – Physical examination

                   – Blood tests : CBC, Blood sugar levels, Lipid profile, urea count, creatinine,          

                   – ECG

                   – 2D echo

                   – Treadmill test

                   – 24 hrs Ambulatory BP

                   – 24 hrs Holter study

                   – X-ray (Chest)

  • Gynec health checkup :
  • Teen health checkup
  • Diabetic health checkup
  • Pediatric health checkup
  • Geriatric health checkup

12 hour fasting is needed before doing any of these health check ups.

Ensure your health status by doing  a Complete Health Check Up in Mumbai at an affordable cost. For more details visit us on : .