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Healthcare for adolescents

Healthcare for Adolescents

Adolescent (ages 10-19) is the stage when individuals face different challenges including various health issues. During adolescence, an individual undergoes for physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development. They need more care and support for this level of transitions. Being a parent of adolescent kids is a complex task. One should know all about this stage of development to impart the required care and concern to them.

Why pay attention to adolescent health?

  • To decrease death and disease in the adolescent population

  • To decrease the burden of disease in later life

  • To invest in health –today and tomorrow

  • To protect human capital

Why should we go for adolescent Care:

  • To involve adolescents in planning and implementation

  • To prevent undernutrition and obesity because adult lifestyle diseases have their onset in childhood and adolescence

  • To define responsibility of adolescents in family setup

Most common problems that affect adolescents include:

  • Overweight and Obesity

  • Eating disorders

  • Malnutrition and connected issues

  • Skin and hair problems

  • Anemia

  • Chronic fatigue, tiredness and body aches

  • Headaches

  • Mental and behavioural health issues etc.

Care of the family and friends can help to protect adults from these common issues. Adolescent is the period where the child needs more care and attention. Sometimes, the young person may not be able to get the right answer to his/her query from the peer group or the family members. It is where the doctor or health care provider come in. The doctor can be a great source for all the information the young one needs. It can be about a medical condition that worries them or can be emotional. The medical staff or health care provider is the right person who is trained in giving authentic and important information.

Adolescents should know when to seek the help of a doctor. A doctor is to treat as well as prevent diseases. So, it is important to have an annual physical checkup with the doctor. We at Fayth clinic provides special services to the adolescent group such as routine health care, acute care and management of chronic illnesses. Other services include:

  • Vaccination updates

  • OPD services for adolescents

  • Medical clinics to treat acne , PCOS, menstrual problems

  • Adolescent preventive cardiac programs

  • Nutritional education and guidance

  • Asthma and diabetic care

  • Obesity care and management etc.

  • Lifeskill program

  • Stress management

  • Advice to parents of adolescents in special healthcare issues

  • Teachers orientation on adolescent issues

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