Young Prina flaunted her beautiful brown tassels in the party and mesmerized many a men.
Oooh….don’t you wish you too had such beautiful hair that would make people turn their heads?
Which girl or women would not want that? Of course! Hair takes a significant place in enhancing
one’s beauty. In ancient India, it was said that hair represented their cultural identity. Myths have
changed with the changing times. Today, not only the women but even men take care of their hair

What damages the hair?

Other than the cold dry air and harsh weather that dehydrates the hair even outside forces
(especially chemical treatments like hair color and relaxers) damage the protein of the hair
shaft, leaving it prone to breakage. If your hair looks stringy or limp, those may also be
signs that your strands need more protein. Dull and limp hair is a sign of protein
deficiency. Also physical stress on the hair, is often the reason why hair strands
become prone to split ends, breakage and protein loss.


How important is protein for hair?

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin which is very important for healthy hair.
If there is lack of proteins in your diet, hair problems other than hair loss could also
occur. Hair becomes dry and brittle, frizzy and tangled, split ends and breaking of
hair too. Protein is vital for healthy hair and without it; hair loss is very much a
Many a times increased hair loss could be caused by many things: a hormonal
imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, stress, auto-immune disorders, medications,
chemotherapy and more. Losing more hair that doesn’t come from the root tells it is
a protein issue and needs to be addressed immediately.

Can hair protein deficit be repaired?

Most people think that applying protein products will bring it back to life but layering
them with more products on already weak hair compromises on hair health and
weakens your hair. Chemically damaged hair that feels mushy or cotton candy-like can
benefit from a protein treatment. 
While protein deficiency can be treated by simply changing your diet and
lifestyle, it is important to thoroughly consult and analyze the scalp and hair before
deciding a lack of protein is the culprit.