Fayth Clinic with its wide range of medical services under one roof provides a platform to the Insurance companies & TPA’s (Third Party Administrator) to diagnose & identify health risks amongst the policy applicants prior to buying a policy.

With the TPA’s entering the insurance market a systemised pattern of confidentiality in the health status is offered by Fayth Clinic to the insurance companies and the insurers.

Information to clients for prepolicy medical checkup:

  1. Please confirm appointment for stress test ( CTMT ) to prevent waiting  and to ensure quick delivery of service from  our side. Please carry gym shoes with you for waking on the treadmill for CTMT . Regular outside shoes are not allowed on the treadmill .
  2. 12 hr fasting is required for clients undergoing lipid profile , SBT13 , FBS tests .
  3. Walk in clients from LIC should carry their TPA intimation with them or have it sent before hand. Policy papers should also be attached to the TPA intimation papers. Incase of Revival , Revival papers should be attached.
  4. Clients should also ensure that they have signed on all forms before leaving the clinic , so as to ensure smooth process flow.
  5. For appointments . please call :
    Prabhadevi :    022 24311616/14, 9870540453
    Borivali       :    022 28990455,28994495,9920031602
    Or Email at services@faythclinic.com
  6. Incase of any queries, please feel free to contact Admin