It’s quite an irony to have an almost equal rate of obese as well as malnourished children within the boundaries of the same country. Pathetic as it sounds, that is what is being witnessed in our country these days. While malnourishment is certainly a grave issue, obesity in children has assumed the proportions of an epidemic waiting to strike.

Obesity in children has profound consequences along with an increased probability of it staying with them along the growth path, turning them into obese adults. It involves several physical risks, of contracting chronic health conditions, and emotional risks of decreased self-esteem and confidence.

Treatment for Obese in Children

Causes of Obesity in Children

Obesity in children occurs due to many reasons, an unhealthy diet pattern, lack of physical activity and genetic factors being some of the prominent ones. A common cause of obesity to linked to the increase in consumption of fast food, which are rich in fats while low on nutrients.

Lack of exercise and physical activity when coupled with high fat intake leads to obesity. The extra calories consumed needs to be burned out through rigorous physical activity. When the child prefers video and computer games than the ones that involve physical activities, this fat gets deposited in the body, gradually leading to obesity. The risk of obesity might run in the family genes as well.

Risk factors of obesity

Obesity in children, exposes them to risk of the following diseases.

  • Heart conditions or diseases
  • High cholesterol
  • Bone problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Preventing obesity

Obesity in children can be prevented by taking care of the factors causing obesity. Including more of vegetables and fruits, cutting soft drinks supply, avoiding skipping of breakfast and including an hour of physical games, can help prevent obesity to a great extent. In severe cases of obesity in children, seeking medical attention is advisable.

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Treatment for obesity

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