No one can argue with the fact that good health is a prerequisite for happiness and efficiency. With efficiency comes better productivity be it in personal or professional life. The oil rig employee’s health checks up the package from Fayth Clinic is designed with the same agenda.

Healthy employees form the basic foundation of a successful industry. Despite all the advancement we have gained technologically, manpower can never be taken lightly. Hence, the importance of regular employee medical check-ups.

Our health often takes a back seat amidst all the demands of modern day work and life. We often tend to ignore it until we fall ill. Though the importance of diagnostic check-ups has gained better mileage than the previous decades, it is yet to reach all spheres of life.


Importance of medical check-ups for oil rig employees

Offshore jobs especially those in oil rigs demand a high standard of physical fitness. The job entails strenuous and hazardous work along with a battle with harsh climatic conditions and seasickness. An employee needs to be in his best of health to overcome these challenges, increasing the significance of health check-ups to ensure fitness.

Also, oil rigs and offshore centers lack the advanced infrastructure to handle a sudden heart condition or chest pain, despite the service of doctors on board. This is another factor that adds to the importance of regular health evaluation of oil rig employees.

Fayth Clinic highly recommends a standard diagnostic check-up pre-employment and one every year of employment for the best products as well as to maintain a good morale among the employees.

Why Fayth Clinic?

Fayth Clinic is an ISO 9001:2000 diagnostic clinic that has been certified by the Directorate of Shipping, Government of India for working in close association with the various sectors of marine industry.

The well trained and professionally qualified staffs along with the latest infrastructure and facilities (including a fully fledged cardiac unit), makes Fayth Clinic one of the most trusted diagnostic centers in the country today. The center works in line with the various industry standards and has provided precise and accurate services in this time where lifestyle diseases pose a considerable threat to the wellbeing of mankind.

Coverage of the package

oil rig healthcheckup

The oil rig employee’s health checks up a package from Fayth Clinic covers all the basic tests including urine analysis, blood analysis and monitoring of necessary life parameters. They also cover tests to measure cardiac wellness, blood pressure levels, vision problems and so on.

Fayth Clinic, with its various centers across Mumbai, has grown to be one of the most trusted diagnostic centers for their services so far.

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