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Tele Consultations

Online consultations
In this pandemic, the whole world has been caught in the reigns of Corona virus and lockdown has limited people from moving out of their houses. Seeking medical aid becomes difficult in these times. Fayth clinic provides the facility of online medical consultations from various specialties from the comfort of your home. One of the greatest advantages of online medical consultation is you can sit back at your home and get medical advice and a doctor's consultation online without having to search or locate a hospital nearby.

Fayth clinic assists you with a list of consultations online.
Adolescent and teenage
General medicine

Online programs:
Remaining confined to the boundaries of our houses has affected all of us in many ways. To top it up, our ways of living, unable to move out and other circumstantial crunches have increased the unhealthier habits even more in our daily life. This leads to more complications and uninvited ailments. In common language they are known as “Lifestyle disorders”

Fayth clinic specialises in helping you prevent from such illnesses. Based on the medical needs of the patient, we offer online programs such as:
• Healthy heart,
• Diabetes reversal,
• Blood pressure management.

Our team of highly qualified doctors and consultants, lifestyle modification specialists, nutritionists, exercise and yoga therapists, counsellors, coaches together with our technical support team ensure the improvement and success in controlling the diseases.

These programs have proven to be highly beneficial to more than 2700+ patients.