Osteoporosis Rehab Program in Mumbai

Osteoporosis Rehabilitation and Prevention

Osteoporosis rehabilitation and prevention has measurable results. After participating in the program for a year, many patients are pleased to discover their bone density tests demonstrate an increase in bone mass. The program also helps to prevent falls and injuries. Patients get help to quit or reduce smoking, cut down on caffeine and alcohol, select nutrientdense foods and take enough calcium and Vitamin D. Individual treatment programs may include exercise, medication and modifications to diet

Protocol of Osteoporosis Rehab Program

  • Medical History , evaluation & Clinical diagnosis by Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Investigation- blood test , Radiograghs & sonometry
  • Risk assessment and counseling
  • Bone density measurement
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physical therapy evaluation
  • Medications started for abnormal test results by Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Monitored Exercise protocol is designed
  • Follow up tests as per programme duration with Orthopaedic Surgeon review , & medication dosages adjusted as per requirements.

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What Tests Are Done

  • The osteoporosis test is very simple and takes only a few seconds. Your heel is placed in a bone sonometer which scans your bone in order to determine bone density. The results of your test are then forwarded to orthopaedic surgeon for follow-up care.

  • Serum calcium , phosphorus & Alkaline Phosphatase levels are assessed

  • Essential Radographs

Patient Testimonials

“Thanks, I feel much more confident while walking and I am much more aware of the importance of good posture…The program is excellent. I feel better & I am grateful.

Jaseentha, Borivali

“I could not manage without this class. It keeps me moving. It gives me an incentive to look after my bones… and I learn so much from the rest of the group.”

Bhavani, Prabhdevi