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Our Programs

FaythClinic offers an extensive array of health, lifestyle and fitness programs for individuals and corporate clients.

Features of our programs:

  • Medically sound, individualized and home based programs, only few visits to the clinic.
  • Meticulously planned based on a series of clinical studies of international repute.
  • Customized to suit each participants life and health situation.
  • Comprehensive and multidisciplinary initial evaluation to identify constraints.
  • Include one to one visits with medical health professionals to plan actions and individual goals.
  • Medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle counseling along with family health education to reduce the risk factors.
  • Constant monitoring and clinical check ups.
  • Easy to follow, flexible and result oriented.
  • Convenient follow ups.

Our programs include:

  1. Wight Loss Programs
    – Weight Loss Program for Children & teenagers
    – Weight Loss Program for adults with risk factors
    – Distant Diet Programs (Dial-a-Diet)
  2. Special Nutrition & Diet Programs
  3. Lifestyle disease Program – for diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS
  4. Corporate Health Programs
    – Stress management Program
    – Pre-employment Health Checkups
    – Corporate Health Program
    – Seminars & Workshops Program
    – Lifestyle disease program
    – Customised health Plans

To promote long term success, the program stresses on internal motivation, behavioral modification, goal setting, problem solving, self monitoring, support groups and relapse prevention.

Our Programs Specialist

Specialist health and lifestyle management
Weight Loss Programs

Special Nutrition & Diet Programs

Lifestyle Disease Control Program

Corporate Health Programs

Our Team

Dedicated healthcare from trusted professionals
Dr Paula Goel

Dr Paula Goel

Pediatrician, Adolescent expert & Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Saurab Goel

Dr Saurab Goel


Dr Ashish Goel

Dr Ashish Goel


Dr Zainab Parihar

Dr Zainab Parihar

Medical doctor & nutritionist

Prasad Poojary

Prasad Poojary


Dr Mansee Dugar

Dr Mansee Dugar

Health Coach & Nutritionist

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