Postpartum Rehab Program in Mumbai

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Pregnancy produces physical and psychologically changes in a woman and a structured medical program is necessary to reverse these changes. Pregnancy induced weight gain is a often not reversed after delivery if a correct diet and exercise regimen is not followed. Women who undergo
Caesarian section or other surgical procedures need special care and recovery.

Post partum rehab program focuses on the following

  • Postpartum exercises, body mechanics

  • Treatment of orthopedic problems

  • Post-cesarean rehab

  • Post-gynecological surgery rehabilitation

  • Management of Pelvic disorders (pain, Urinary incontinence, etc.)


  • Participants will be able to identify and deal with musculoskeletal pain .

  • Participants will be able to improve abdominal conditions.

  • Participants will able to deal with surgical scars and mobilization.

  • Participants will be able to perform exercises correctly and efficiently

  • Weight loss and regaining fitness allows post partum women to improve energy levels

  • Psychological counseling helps them deal with the impact of pregnancy and caring for a baby

  • Diet counseling helps them eat right and achieve correct caloric intake for self and baby

  • Medical problems arising after pregnancy or surgery are effectively dealt with

Musculoskeletal Conditions seen in Postpartum period

  • Bony pelvic mal alignment

  • Perineal trauma

  • Diastasis recti, abdominal trauma

  • Change in arch support, ligamentous support of feet and ankles

  • Mal alignment of ribs

  • Back pain related to poor posture, infant care, post epidural

Post Cesarean Rehabilitation Goals/Outcomes

  • Decrease Incision Pain

  • Prevent respiratory and circulatory complications

  • Minimize bowel gas retention

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  • Correct posture and body mechanics

  • Mobilize scar release

  • Strengthen and shorten abdominals