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Solution For Stress In Corporate Sector

The corporate sector is an area where most people wish to work, knowing little about the daily challenges that one will have to face. The long working hours and the unhealthy competition leads to a lot of stress, sometimes of an inhumane level. This can create great problems in the individuals both at work and at home.


How Stress Affects You…….

The unhealthy competition creates distrust among fellow colleagues leading to anxiety, fear process, panic attacks, and may also lead to depression or aggression. The stress caused by the corporate sector can cause many lifestyle diseases like early diabetes, early high blood pressure, early heart problems, joint problems etc due to the poor and inappropriate sitting positions. Computers being an inevitable part of today’s corporate world, the overexposure to the computers can result in a chronic headache and vision disturbances at an early stage itself.

The heavy workload saves no time for correct food habits which results in obesity, overweight, and its allied complications. Lack of exercise and the irregular sleeping hours aid this. These affect the gastrointestinal tract producing irritable bowels. The long working hours affect the time spent with the spouse and children thus affecting the family life too. This also creates a lot of angst. The fear of failure brings in huge pressure in an individual so that a bitter experience brings in the feeling of depression affecting the mental health too.

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How Fayth Clinic Helps you….

Keeping in mind, the high cost of existing healthcare, Fayth Clinic strives to provide its patients and clientele quality-based healthcare services under one roof at affordable costs. The doctors and the paramedical staff are always happy to serve the patients in a caring and empathetic manner keeping in mind the individual needs of each patient. The warm and caring atmosphere of the clinic calms the patient and helps him/her to recover fast.
Fayth Clinic ….Get Back To Life!

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