Vitamin d Deficiency Treatment

Vitamin D and Human Health

Lack of vitamin D found to increase chance of developing heart problems

Vitamin D is an Essential for Our Body . It will Help to protect skin problems and it will stronger  protect from skin diseases. It will also help to Increase the BOne and Teeth Strength.It will Help to Absorb Calcium from our Blood and Supplimenet to diffrent party of our body. People who don’t get it correctly those will show the show the symptoms of soft , thin bone problems may be became a patient of Diseases known as Rikets in /children, Osteomalacia in Adults.

Vitamin D is So important in our Life from the Beginning and the End of the Human Life Cycle

Vitamin D is  also Essential for Our body in Many other parts  like body missile ,nerves need it transfer messages from brain to other body parts of the body.

Our immune system also need Vitamin D for Fight against the Bacteria and Viruse.

Vitamin D and Calcium will help to Protect against osteoporosis

People can became the deficiency of Vitamin D because of may be the can’t get it through food or sunlight or their kidney didn’t absorb and convert to our bodies activity.Vitamin D will causes bone pain and muscle weakness.

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How Much Vitamin D you Need


Life Stage
Recommended Amount
Birth to 12 month
400 IU
Children 1-13 years
600 IU
Teens 14 – 18 year
600 IU
Adults 19 -70 Year
600 IU
Adults 71 years and older
800 IU
Pregnant and breastfeeding women
600 IU


Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Risk Factors

Vitamin D Deficiency will Causes diffrent medical problems including diabeties, hypertension, and autoimmunne conditions such as multiple scleriosis.It may cause Cancer , Obesity , Rikets etc .Vitamin D Support Verbal Communication. Vitamin D Deficiency may Linked  to Autism.

Bone Related Diseases :   So Many People in our world who body can’t absorb Vitamin D will showing Bone Disorders. It is so important that we need Calcium and Vitamin D for Our Body. Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency will causes Soft bone Problems, Bone Pain.

Cancer : Some Studies shows that Vitamin D may Protect against colon cancer and perhaps even some other cancer will protect. But High level of Calcium in our blood also causes Pancreatic Cancer. Vitamin D can cut the Risk of Breast Cancer.

Rikets : Rikets is a condition that affects children’s bone health. This Disorder causes by the deficiency of Vitamin D, Calcium, or Phosphate . it leads to bone disorders.

Sources for Vitamin D :

The sun is the major Vitamin D source. Vitamin D Food is rare Fish liver oil and salt water fish are rich with Vitamin D. Egg & Milk also contain Vitamin d in  a Small Amount.

Fayth Clinic :

Fayth Clinic Conducting Vitamin D Deficiency Screening Tests for Childrens , Womens , Old Persons etc.