International Travel Vaccination

International travellers often face health issues which they wouldn’t usually experience in their home country. With a little thought and preparation, you might just have an illness-free exciting international travel. “Have you got your shots?” The question is not as inappropriate as it sounds. There are few places on earth you literally can’t visit without […]

International student vaccination

Going to university abroad can be quite a daunting time for young students. With many leaving home for the first time and trying to remember to pack all the essentials, it can be easy to forget some of the more important things to do. Researching the health and safety concerns of your destination country is […]

Health Needs Of Students Studying Abroad

Overseas study programs are increasing in availability and geographic diversity; they offer students an exciting opportunity for learning and cultural exchange. For students planning to study abroad, the preparations don’t end after selecting an institution, filling up forms, applying for scholarships, writing exams, applying for a visa and booking air tickets. Future international students should […]

Immunization For Students Going Abroad

You’ve survived the gruelling procedure of researching universities and applying for admission. You’ve tolerated the painful wait for that ‘unkind’ envelope – the acceptance letter. As if these two phases weren’t traumatic enough, you must now go through the nail-biting visa application process. Take a chill pill. It is not intimidating as it seems. Consider […]

Vaccinations : The Precaution For A Healthier Tomorrow

It is monsoon season and the chances of epidemic diseases being widespread are at the high. Many diseases are being spread today and it is of no wonder that new viruses are born each day creating a new deadly disease. But, thanks to the medical science that develop concurrently to come up with the preventive […]