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Depression in children and teenagers

Depression is one of the most common psychological impact of obesity. The parents of obese children should be alert about the mental health of their children. Researchers point that, there is no clear one-way connection between the two. In fact, they tend to link each other. That is, obesity causes depression and depression can also cause obesity.
Depression caused by obesity: According to studies, obese children are more prone to experience mood disorders and depression when compared to non-obese children. The poor self-image, social isolation, low self-esteem, etc., are the main contributors of depression in obese children. The image or shape of obese children discriminates them from the rest. Other issues linked to obesity, such as chronic joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, etc., also cause depression in obese children and teenagers.
Obesity caused by depression: Certain recent reliable studies found that, teenagers with symptoms of depression are more prone to become obese. Children who feel low may overeat and finally results in obesity. Their poor food choices, avoiding exercise and laziness also cause obesity. Another research points out towards the decreased level of the hormone serotonin in depressed people. This may also inculcate obesity. People with decreased level of serotonin may overeat as an attempt of self-medication. They consider overeating can make their serotonin levels to normal. This act may call upon obesity.
The common risk factors of obesity and depression: There are certain common factors between the two, which may trigger both depressions, as well as obesity.
Treatment may be required for both the conditions separately. Psychotherapy and antidepressants are the commonly suggested treatment options for depression. Losing the body weight through the weight management process or surgery can be the best option for people experiencing difficulty due to obesity and overweight.

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