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Corporate Health Checkup

Pre-employment health check-up
Pre-employment health check-up and screening informs and ensures the company the health status and well-being of the new candidate on work. Healthy employees are always better for healthy business.

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Information to clients for for Pre employement medical checkup:
1.Can be done on a walk in basis , but need to confirm prior hand whether 12 hr fasting is required as different companies have different packages.
Confirmation can be done at Fayth Clinic Reception desk

Annual Health Check-up
Annual Health Check-up acquaints with the underlying cause and reason for the low work productivity and gives the employee & the organisation a chance to improve on it, preventing further harm to the self and the company.

Information to clients for for Annual Health medical checkup:

  1. Please confirm appointment with Fayth clinic reception
  2. 12 hr fasting is required prior to coming for health checkups.
  3. Please refrain from taking alcohol or heavy meals 12 hrs before medical checkup
  4. Please carry medical records or names of medicines ,if under any specific medical treatment.

For appointments . please call :
Prabhadevi: 022 24311616/14, 9870540453
Or Email at services@faythclinic.com