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Corporate Health & Wellness

Does healthy workforce increase productivity
For a business to succeed, its employees must be fit and healthy. Creating a work culture that promotes health through all aspects of your employees' lives has various health benefits. They can be fit, healthy, satisfied, and happy.

Emphasizing employee health and wellbeing is very important. It contributes to overall employee engagement within the business.Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. To live a healthy life, people need to have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. They must also live in a stress-free environment and have good hygiene.

In recent times, promoting health has become an integral and accepted part of the corporate culture. Studies show that healthy employees tend to be more productive and more hardworking.Good health means lesser absenteeism which means greater output. Being healthy increases concentration, energy levels and ensures consistency in performance .

And its not just physical health of employees . Mental and emotional health of employees also play a major role Emotionally and mentally stable employees are more focused & driven at work and increase productivity
They motivated other employees and team member to perform better , provide support to each other , thus increasing productivity and profitability .

Not just in terms of profits and savings, employee wellness can also improve a company's image in the eyes of its customers and competitors.

Employee health programs allow employees and organizations to adapt and thrive in adverse situations. It fosters a positive work environment where employees learn and grow as individuals for the betterment of the company
Regular health check-ups help detect and prevent illnesses before they strike

Addictions whether smoking or alcohol creates a challenge at work . Creating a Smoke-Free Workplace is imperative

We are all scared of cancer caused by smoking , however smoking causes harm to nearly every organ in the body. It is directly responsible for a number of diseases and ailments. Smoking decreases life expectancy by 10 years .It causes damage to the bones, brain, heart, immune system, reproductive organs, and many more. It is one of the main reasons for deaths around the world.As an employer, you must reduce smoking in your workplace to improve overall employee health. Prohibit smoking indoors and in company vehicles. you can introduce a smoking cessation program among your workforce. Such programs are aimed at reducing instances of workplace smoking and helping employees quit the habit for good

We are protecting some of the leading companies of India

Partner network pan India with more than 200+ network medical centres.

Finding the right Employee Health Plan takes effort & time and how can you be sure ….
We provide holistic health experience covering all aspects of health – physical , mental & emotional . Our team of specialist doctors are trained in chronic disease management , which enables them to identify chronic diseases at a very early stage before they have manifested .

Covid pandemic has brought about tremendous changes in the healthcare management . Covid infection causes inflammation across organs and tissues, this may predisposes to early onset of chronic diseases in young adults
Our network of healthcare partners ensure that employees health needs are fulfilled . Fully certified & equipped diagnostic centres ensure that accurate reports are provided. Employees needs can be met from the comfort of their homes

Multi location employee engagement using a single platform. Your team members may have different needs & Employee Health Benefits should benefit all. A wide range of benefits and services that helps cater to employees health needs & have the power to choose to take care of their health

Our healthcare services are simple cost effective and transparent that improves employee health . Customised & flexible health plans help employees to improve their health.

Over the last 14 years, we have provided patient centric healthcare to over 250,000 people with chronic non communicable or lifestyle diseases (diabetes , heart disease , high blood pressure , high lipids , PCOS , obesity etc ) across all age groups from adolescents to senior citizens . Our international patient base includes 3500 people from UAE , Oman , USA, France , Kenya, Zambia & Nigeria.

Our mission is to reach out and impact 1million lives with preventive healthcare services to prevent chronic diseases

Scope of healthcare services to patients, corporate clients, seafarers & food handlers

Our team of doctors include physicians, diabetologists , cardiologists, nutritionists, counselors , health coaches , pathologist , radiologist , psychiatrist, orthopedics , physiotherapists . We have a team of trained technicians, nurses, phlebotomists to aid in clinical health &diagnostics .

What we can provide for your esteemed organization :
• Corporate annual health checkup

• Pre employment checkups

• Corporate talks and seminars/webinars

• Teleconsultation with medical specialists

• Online health programs for stress management , weight management , diabetes , high blood pressure , nutrition

• Online Zumba & yoga
• Customised health plans & counseling
• Onsite medical camps, blood and ECG camps
• Vaccination drives for different vaccines like typhoid , flu , Tdap , MMR etc including Covid vaccination
• 20% discount on all tests of Fayth Clinic for your employees as part of Employee Benefit Scheme.
• Skin & Hair Dept provides treatment under Korean & American protocols

• CSR activities

Why are we different from other Centres :
• Fayth Clinic is a complete medical ONE STOP shop for all medical services including diagnostic and medical consult
We ensure that corporates do not lose employees due to health problems

• Online questionnaire to understand employee’s health & associated risks
• Analysis of key health issues in organization
• Action plan to help develop effective wellness programs
• Customized health plans
• We also conduct medical checkups onsite , provide group vaccination drive, Health talks and seminars.
• All reports are available online through special sms link and is accessible to client from anywhere for period of 5 years( Digitized medical records with end to end encryption )
• Reports within 24 hrs.
• As per our Employee Benefit plan , we provide 20% discount on MRP on other diagnostic services for employees & their family members
• Online payment gateway for self-paying cases for eg. dependents and other family members
• Appointments will be booked centrally by our dedicated appointment cell .
• We provide home collection of blood & ECG across entire Mumbai region.
• We can partner for CSR activities through our NGO ( Faith Foundation , registered with Charity Commisioner , Mumbai under 80G ACT)

We provide online health programs for prevention & management of chronic diseases ( diabetes , high BP , cardiac rehabilitation , weight management , smoking cessation & stress management )

Benefits of online health programs:
• Increased productivity & profitability
• Reduced Absenteeism
• Personal Health & well being
• Focused growth & Time management
• Decreased stress
• Positive Psychology

We help you to customize & improve your Employee Health Benefit Program to fit your employees physical , mental & emotional health needs and improve employee engagement.

For further information , please email to corporates@faythclinic.com, paula@faythclinic.com
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