Can you imagine the world of bald people?

Or say if they had just a few strands of hair that could be counted on fingers? How would it

Hair is a symbol of beauty and you would never like to loose it. All of us experience hair
loss to some degree in our lives. There are various reasons for hair loss, stress and anxiety
being the commonest amongst all. Medical conditions could also lead to hair loss in some.
But yet, that fear remains…. whatever be the reason.
Fear of hair loss also makes getting haircuts and other routine activities difficult, if not
impossible, in some instances.
The fear of losing our hair is so ingrained in our minds that even in our dreams we dread
the fear to loose hair. For some people, this fear of hair loss manifests into deep
psychological phobias.
One such phobia is the fear of seeing or touching loose hairs known as trichophobia. While
shedding some hair is a common and healthy process, still it makes things profoundly
difficult in our day to day lives.
 Then there is peladophobia, the fear of becoming bald or even of people who are bald.
Both these phobias are generally traced back to triggering of an event in builts a fear of hair
Another phobia, very much the same is   Phalacrophobia , a fear of going bald. This phobia
unlike the other two phobias is more focused on negative reactions to the mere notion or
thought that one might be balding – even if no evidence exists to suggest that is happening.
These phobias of fear of hair loss hinder social, and personal life.
Don’t let the fear ruin your life. These are mere fears which can be overcomed. On
evaluation of the cause of the fear, a proper treatment and talking to therapist is