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Annual Physicals

An annual physical exam is done to ensure the health and wellness of the child. It may also act as an alarm system to find out health issues before they get problematic. However, there are people who do not know the importance and role of annual physicals in their child’s life. During the physical exam the overall health status of the child is analysed through monitoring factors such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol etc. Through the physical exam, a doctor can evaluate the body’s performance of a child.
The physical exam will be based on the medical history of the child. The family health history of the child may also take into consideration while choosing certain kinds of screening methods. Additional tests may be suggested for children with a family history of heart disease. Treatments and other preventive measures are decided according to the test result, age and personal health history. Following are the main components of a normal annual physical examination:

  • Medical history: This session will allow the patients to tell the doctor about their concerns about the health. During the session, the doctor will ask you questions:
    • Regarding the medications that the child used to take.
    • Issues that relate to the mental as well as physical health of the child.
    • Regarding family history of diseases and health issues.
  • Checking for vital signs: The doctor will check the blood pressure level, heart rate, temperature, respiration rate etc.

Analysing the general appearance: The doctor will have a thorough examination of the appearance.

  • Physical examination: During the physical examination, the doctor will check the head, abdominal area, limbs, nails, hair etc. The doctor will also listen to the heart beat and lungs.
  • Measuring the height and weight of the child.
  • Checking the vision and hearing.
  • Giving immunizations: It is done to protect the child from certain kinds of diseases.

If anything found abnormal, the doctor may suggest further tests and medications. Annual physicals, also known as wellness exams or well-care checkups are done to evaluate and ensure proper growth and development of the child.

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