Seafarers Health Check-up in Mumbai

Seafaring is the most risk prone profession that evokes health concerns,with all that messy take a chance ventures. The compromises may risk our life.

The major concerns of seafarers’ health and lifestyle are: unsteady work schedules and long intervals so as to meet operational needs, the small circumstances with which they are supposed to be adapted, home sickness and social needs, the risky hazardous environment in the working environment as well as in between accidents , less accessibility towards medical facilities and its supplies, the confined environment on board ship and  the climatic conditions in the area of shipment.

Seafarers cope with irregular working hours adjusting to the climatic changes. Therefore,the people,being on the sea, who are working away from home in the midst of the waters should take prior health measures to ensure safety. The objective is to avoid any health issues cropping up during their tenure and enable them to effectively perform their routine and emergency duties at sea.

Fayth Clinic an ISO certified & Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India, and assists the marine industry by conducting medical examinations for them.

Seafarers can be prone to specific illnesses and diseases because of the nature of the work and travel to new countries. Diseases of the heart and arteries end many seafaring careers early – and are the number one killer of seafarers while at sea. Fayth Clinic is associated with many shipping and oil rig companies for the medical check ups of their employees going aboard the sea, medical talks and seminars are also conducted for the employees and families.

The isolation of seafaring can sometimes take its toll on the seafarer and his family. Loneliness, homesickness and ‘burn out’ are the main psychological problems they may face.

Sleep disruption & lack of proper sleep makes them feel tired. It leads to more stressful conditions and may result in lack of concentration. 

Chronic diseases may develop as consequence of bad nutritional habits and can be attributed to the fact that nowadays activities at work may be less physical. The excessive consumption onboard ships of highly processed food items, saturated fats,sugar, salt, etc can easily describe the nutritional habits for a number of seafarers nowadays. All these together compile to increase stress in life on board.

In order to spread awareness on the importance of our health and healthy habits seminars and talks are conducted at regular basis. At Fayth Clinic we prioritize health of our body. Hence,we involve in spreading knowledge on various health related topics. The lifestyle disorders and subsequent ailments are discussed in our seminars and talks.

Smoking & drinking:

In seafarers, Smoking and alcohol consumption are higher than workers that are at ashore. The boredom and tendency to be engaged with some interesting things makes the seafarers, more prone to addictions,when compared to ashore workers.The stressful conditions at the sea from tight working schedules, confined spaces,risky environments,etc are also causative in nature.So,they relay on these habits,in order to relieve stress from night duties ,loneliness and to be a macho man

Effects of insufficient sleep on health:

Without proper sleep they get easily tired,more stressed,and feel lack of concentration. This in turn leads to poor co-ordination, slow thinking, difficulty staying alert and poor performance. The irritative noise and machine vibrations, fluctuating climates and movement of ship results in disrupted sleep. Due to this kind of insufficient sleep fatigue sets in which leads to poor work performance and irritation.


Most seamen are less positive about the importance of nutrition to people’s lives and are explorative with food. The excessive consumption on board ships of highly processed food items, saturated fats,sugar, salt, etc can easily describe the modern nutritional habits of seafarers of. Infact, diet composing of fish, vegetables, and fruits cant be sufficient even when such food is being provided on-board ships. Chronic diseases may develop as consequence of bad food habits. The overweight condition is one among them which make them prone to stroke, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease ,hypertension, coronary heart disease,respiratory problems,sleep apnoea and cancers in breast, endometrium, prostate and colon.


Studies have confirmed that seafarering is associated with mental and psychosocial, stressors. The most important factors are feeling of separation from family, lonely feel on board, fatigue in work,discomforts due to multi-nationality, lack of proper recreational activities, and insufficient sleep. The various options chosen to get relief from stress when on ship leads to further problems like they start smoking, drinking, cardiac troubles, and all sorts of lifestyle diseases.


Fayth Clinic is a multispeciality clinic acclaimed with ISO 9001:2008 certification and diagnostic centre having 2 clinics in Mumbai at Prabhadevi and Borivali.

FaythClinic Prabhadevi is centrally located in the proximity of the famous Siddhivinayak Temple , which is one of the major landmarks of Mumbai and occupies a floor space of 3000 sqft .

Fayth Clinic at Borivali is situated in the Western suburbs of Mumbai, about 2 minute walking distance from Borivali West Railway station occupying floor space of 1500 sqft .

Both Clinic s are equipped with pathology lab , digital X ray , ECG , stress test , PFT , 24 hrs ABP, 24 hrsHolter . 2Decho and sonography (Available in Prabhadevi Clinic only).

Fayth Clinic excels in catering to patient management with professionally mended staff, well-equipped high profile facilities in a pleasant setup. With its huge spectrum of services all under one beam it completes the medicals in a time bound manner . DG certified doctors conduct medicals in line with the shipping rules and standards and provide certificates accepted as per the shipping guidelines and norms.


Fayth clinic is associated with shipping companies to do the medicals of the men going on sea and has been able to identify a few with diabetes, hypertension etc which are nutrition and stress related lifestyle diseases. A mandatory health checkup done before going aboard helped to reveal this disease at its onset. Precautionary measures were easily taken by the firm when diagnosed rather than having to face emergencies at sea where medical treatment and hospitalization is not necessarily present when required.

 Living on ship with confined environments, ocean-going seamen could suffer from various health problems due to abnormal electromagnetism radiation, great temperature changes, poor diet structure, which may cause subtle changes in physiological and psychological functions in their bodies. 

Fayth Clinic informs and instructs the shipping firm and the employee about the measures required to prevent such problems from happening