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Skin Treatment

8 tips forWinter skin care

8 tips forWinter skin care Prasad Poojary , Fayth Clinic , Many of us look forward to winter especially the people staying in warm...

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Tips for Glowing & Flawless skin

Tips for Glowing & Flawless skin  Prasad Poojary , Fayth Clinic How to get a glowing skin? How to have flawless skin? These are...

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How important are proteins for your hair?

Young Prina flaunted her beautiful brown tassels in the party and mesmerized many a men.Oooh….don’t you wish you too had such...

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Fear of Hair Loss

Can you imagine the world of bald people? Or say if they had just a few strands of hair that could be counted on fingers? How would...

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