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Improve Your Immunity Through Vaccination
Vaccination is a procedure to inject an antigenic material to body to enhance Individual’s Immune system. Immunization helps to prevent further infection and diseases.

Vaccines protect us against deadly diseases, therefore, lifesaving, especially children. In countries where routine vaccination of the entire population, many diseases have been eradicated or diminished its impact. The vaccine protects not only the child but also to those who live with him and are not vaccinated. Therefore, vaccines also bring social benefits.

Vaccination is not only an individual decision. When a man is immunized, they prevent disease from being spread to others in the community, including:
• Babies too young to receive vaccines
• Unvaccinated kids and grown-ups
• Pregnant ladies
• The elderly

People with weakened immune systems, like those with asthma, chronic illness, or undergoing treatment for cancer Individuals who are allergic to vaccine component

Fayth Clinic provides vaccination to children from 0-12 yrs of age, in teenagers & youth from 13-24 years of age, adults, senior citizens , to students & people immigrating abroad, to food handlers and seafarers.

Vaccination 0-6yrs : Vaccines are suggested for children between ages 0 and 6 years to prevent a number of serious or even deadly diseases. These include BCG ( which is given at birth ) and the others from 6 weeks of age DTP, polio ( oral /injectable ) , Hib, Hep B , pneumococcal vaccines , MMR , Hep A,, typhoid , chickenpox, influenza, JE

Vaccination 7-18yrs : The Tdap vaccine protects from 3 serious diphtheria, diseases tetanus, and pertussis. All three diseases have potentially fatal consequences. MMR , HPV , influenza and other catch up vaccines if any ,

Adults Vaccination : Immunizations are an important step in protecting grown-ups against serious, sometimes deadly, infections. Even if you were vaccinated at a younger age, the protection from some vaccines can wear off or the virus or bacteria that the vaccine protects against changes so your resistance is not as strong.
Prevent all serious diseases by taking proper vaccination, at an affordable cost.

Senior citizen vaccination : especially in diabetics and cardiac patients and also those with low immunity . Common vaccines given are Tdap , Pneumococcal vaccine , influenza vaccine, Typhoid and Hep A , if not given earlier

Students & people immigrating abroad : vaccination requirement is as par the university & country rules and regulations .

Foodhandlers : common vaccines given are typhoid and Hep A . Others may be given as per the company requirements

Seafarers : common vaccines are those that prevent massive spread if 1 person is infected ( chickenpox , MMR) . Tdap is also given in many cases

Vaccination 0-6yrs

Vaccination 7-18yrs

Adults Vaccination

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